Fee Development

RealtyLink offers comprehensive, turn-key fee development services to assist in managing and implementing each phase of our – and your – development projects. By utilizing RealtyLink in a fee development scenario, we will manage and oversee all aspects of the development process including:

  • Site selection assistance
  • Feasibility analysis of customer projects
  • Project budgeting and proforma
  • Site feasibility investigations and site planning
  • Architecture and civil engineering coordination and oversight
  • Project permitting
  • Bidding and financial analysis
  • Construction scheduling and management
  • Financing recommendations and management
  • Progress reporting
  • Budget reconciliations
  • Government inspections and certification of occupancy
  • Project closeout
  • Property management

Fee development services are provided on a percentage, hourly, or fixed fee based on the total project size, cost, and time required for proper management.

The Value of Experience

RealtyLink’s 23 years of experience counts when you’re looking at the kind of complex projects that can stop less seasoned developers in their tracks.

We have been fortunate enough over the years to learn what it takes to be a Landlord and a Developer, and have forged relationships all over the country. Those experiences and relationships allow us to be perfectly situated to tackle detailed projects, manage the development process, and deliver end-users a quality project.

Contact for More Info

Colby Price
Director of Construction