Are you an experienced Commercial Property Manager? We’re Hiring!

RealtyLink is seeking a full-time licensed Commercial Property Manager for our Greenville, SC office. We offer competitive salary with 401(k) and medical, vision, dental, and disability insurance.

Job Description

  • Travel to properties to perform site inspections; once per quarter per property.
  • Provide customer service to tenants resolving any issues or complaints.
  • Obtain quotes on any repairs or maintenance, hire applicable contractors and see through completion.
  • Correspond with tenants during any repairs or maintenance and confirm when completed.
  • When repairs or maintenance are required review construction close-out book for any applicable warranties and review lease for obligation language.
  • Assist in transferring utilities once we have a tenant in accordance with the applicable lease terms.
  • Coordinate all facilities maintenance and manage all vendor relationships.
  • Regarding a sales contract; create a warranty list and attach copies of all applicable warranties and provide to paralegal prior to closing (upon request).
  •  Regarding a sales contract; make a copy of the construction close-out book to keep for our files and give the original to paralegal prior to closing (upon request).
  • If we enter into a sales contract for a shopping center or a multi-tenant property that we maintain create a list of any applicable maintenance agreements and attach copies of the actual maintenance agreements to provide to paralegal prior to closing (upon request).
  • If we enter into a sales contract for a shopping center or a multi-tenant property that we pay utility bills for create a list of all utility accounts along with copies of our most recent bills and provide to paralegal prior to closing (upon request).
  • Obtain business licenses for our projects when applicable. Renew every year until sold.
  • To monitor the Aged Delinquency report for rent, CAM, taxes and insurance payments from tenants after the project is turned over from Lease Administrator. Send out late rent notices and coordinate with Lease Admin and Principal to send default notices or coordinate with Legal and Principal to pursue eviction or legal action when applicable.
  • Prepare annual CAM budgets.
  • Bill tenants and collect for any Outparcel Contributions, fees associated with REA, Associations dues, HOA, etc.
  • Obtain certificates of insurance on our various projects from our insurance company, request COI from vendors relating to that job.
  • Review and save Tenant COI’s received from Assured Partners. Verify coverage amounts match the Lease requirements and that correct entity is named as insured along with the appropriate lender.
  • Review and save Tenant COI’s received in-house and then submit Insurance Coordinator whom will send to Assured Partners for processing.
  • Coordinate with in-house Project Managers to establish utilities.
  • Once construction is complete on a project make sure to obtain building coverage if landlord is responsible per the Lease or obtain evidence of building coverage from tenant if tenant is responsible per the Lease.
  • Annually coordinate with the Insurance Coordinator to review our active projects insurance spreadsheet from Assured Partners to get ready for our annual insurance renewal.
  • Receive, review and approve all utility bills for projects and put in accountings box for payment.
  • Taxes:
    • Maintain property tax spreadsheet for all projects, note the tax amount due, the due and payable date and the penalty and/or delinquent date.
    • Send emails to partners, copy Jim, Debbie and Maude to let them know that we have received the bill and put the original bill in the responsible partners box for approval.
    • Update tax spreadsheet when the tenant has been billed and once we have received reimbursement from tenant (when applicable).
    • Work with partners on any tax appeals.
    • Bill and collect from tenants any tax amounts they owe per the lease agreement.
  • Complete any other items as assigned by Manager.

Job Requirements

  • Knowledge using the following software:
    • Yardi
    • DealSumm
    • MicroSoft Office (Word, Outlook, Excel, Teams)
  • Property Management experience
  • Overnight travel is required
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong organization skills
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Ability to work in a high-volume environment
  • Possess strong problem-solving skills
  • Must have a cell phone with an active data plan to ensure full accessibility to Outlook, Yardi, etc. when out of the office.
  • Company credit card is not provided for travel expenses – must have own means to cover travel expenses. Travel expenses are reimbursed via submission of an expense report.

Application Instructions

  • Apply online through LinkedIn
  • Send your cover letter and resume to Chalet Davis with the subject line of Property Manager Position to